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Garage Door Studs

NW/AC3 Aquare Knocker Kit 100 x 100 R42.30
NW/44DD Classic Dome 55d x 25h R15.80
NW/60DD Coach Bolt Head 50d x 35h R15.00
NW/62DD Daisy 75d x 25h R18.60
NW/61DD Diamond 110l x 75w R18.60
NW/AC4 Hexadon Knocker Kit 130 x 130 R28.60
NW/34DD Meduim Half Cap 45d x 22h R11.80
NW/AC8 Mock Hinge Kit 500mm R78.60
NW/AC6 Mock Hinge Kit II 500mm R68.90
NW/AC7 Mock Hinge Kit III 300mm R59.50
NW/AC5 Mock Hinge Kit IV 300mm R59.60
NW/41DD North Dome 55d x 25h R14.80
NW/91DD Nut / Washer 35d x 25h R14.80
NW/95DD Piramed Cap 50sq x 25h R15.90
NW/93DD Plain Cap 50sq x 15h Cap R12.50
NW/45DD Plain Dome 60d x 25h R14.60
NW/92DD Square Bolt / Washer 60d x 30h R17.60
NW/47DD Square Classic 55d x 20h R14.60
NW/49DD Square Concave 40sq x 15h R14.60
NW/50DD Square Head Pitted 40sq x 15h R14.60
NW/48DD Square Head Plain 40sq x 15h R14.60
NW/27DD Square On Round 55d x 15h R12.35
NW/66DD Square Rivet Head 25sq x 20h R10.50

  • We have different styles of studs available for each individual customers needs and style of home or building. Hereby you the client can make a choice of the studs you’d like on your doors and garage doors.
  • Please see below pictures and prices of studs to be added to the door's price. Prices valid from 1 May 2010. Prices may be altered without prior notice.
  • Studs are available as a DIY kit or can be prefixed at an additional cost of R150.00.
  • Available colors: Silver, Bronze, Gold, Copper and Black.